Leasing and financing plans
in Thornhill

Are you looking to get a new vehicle but aren't sure if you should purchase or lease it? At Audi Thornhill, our team of financing experts is here to help you and guide you through the wide range of financing and leasing options that are presented to you when looking for a new vehicle. 

A team dedicated to helping you

Leasing is when you take possession of a vehicle for a certain period of time, say three or four years, and are allowed to drive it for a predetermined number of kilometres. Financing is when you completely pay off a vehicle after a period of time that is usually longer than a lease. Typical financing plans range from 48 to 72 months. Both options have advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific situation. If you drive over 25,000 kilometres per year, you won't want mileage restrictions, which means you're better off with financing. You're also better off with financing if you want to keep your vehicle for a long time. If you'd rather replace your vehicle every three or four years, or want to lower payments as much as possible, leasing is the way to go. When you visit Audi Thornhill, our team will be happy to go over these options with you in greater detail.